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FTS Group is a federated group of IT services businesses. Each business within the group pursues its own area of expertise.

Areas of specialties:

Design & Change (Cubic consulting): focusing on the people related issues of business change and workplace learning our collaborative approach delivers tailored learning and performance management programs.

Integration (Anatas): focusing on all aspects of integration to deliver comprehensive on-premise and/or cloud integration solutions to drive business performance.

Data & AI (FTS Data & AI): focusing on managing, monitoring and maintaining the customer’s data platforms.

Transformation (Veritec): focusing on the digital transformation for the public sector through Microsoft solutions.

IT services for government & defence (KoBold): focusing on delivering solutions and services to government, defence and private sectors.

We provide specialist services at a fair price, covering a broad range of coordinated and complementary skills, with tools and methodologies for effective task governance and quality assurance. As a combined group we offer scale, market reach, deep capability, strong management processes and the stability you look for in a business partner that delivers results.

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