[Survey Report] The state of digital transformation in Australia


As Australian businesses increasingly realign their products and services to a more digital future, the internal IT function itself must transform. Many enterprises are finding it is time to systematically consider better ways of delivering the more substantial digital initiatives. The next generation of initiatives also brings a new set of challenges.
Against this background, Software AG and FTS Group, commissioned Ovum to undertake an independent survey of 115 Australian enterprises across 15 industry sectors. The selected interviewees were managers and senior executives with a direct involvement with digital initiatives in their enterprise.

Ovum View

With the Global Financial Crisis now consigned to the past, cost efficiency is no longer the primary challenge for enterprise executives. 21st-century enterprises must continue to be lean and cost-conscious, but must also focus on a fast-changing competitive landscape, spurred on by digital transformation. The time has come to move on from the theory, and tackle the practical challenges of driving change. The survey provides some clear insights into the challenges and successes for Australian companies.

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Key Findings

Need for change

Australian enterprises have widely embraced the need for change. Only 4% now consider it is just media hype. However, Australian companies tend to be overly optimistic about progress relative to their competitors.

The growth of digital investment

Digital investment is set to increase as part of a growing IT market. Overall, 76% of enterprises expect to grow their investment on digital projects, while only 6% expect to reduce their digital investment.

Lack of appropriate tools and methodologies

The lack of appropriate tools and methodologies was raised as a recurring concern across a number of the survey questions. The challenge appears to be not so much about the quantity of tools, but
their quality and appropriateness to meet future requirements.

Focusing on initiatives to transform business processes

78% of enterprises reported they are focusing on initiatives that are transforming business processes (33% are transforming simple business processes, and 35% are transforming complex business processes.10% of enterprises are focusing on more fundamental disruption to their underlying business model).

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